What is your standard daily rental time?

Our hours of operation are 12:00 Noon to 10:pm.

How do I secure a date?

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the venue rental fee and a signed contract are required to reserve all dates.

Can I bring my own catering service?

Yes, we have no catering restrictions.

Can I bring in my own alcohol?

No. All bear, wine, and alcohol must be licensed.

Can I have a rehearsal prior to my wedding day?

Yes, rehearsals are scheduled based on availability.

Do you help with set-up and tear down?

Manager or approved staff will oversee set-up and take down of the facility owned tables, chairs, etc. before and after event. Any personal items are your responsibility.

Do you have an on-site coordinator?

No, but we can make referrals.

May I add personalized decorations?

Yes, however some restrictions may be enforced.

Is there an insurance requirement?

Yes, we require proof of liability insurance.